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Educational and Instructional Games

Heypungi educational and instructive game application is designed by experts to support mental development and make learning fun. It has rich content to strengthen your child's basic skills such as pattern recognition, grouping, shape recognition, part-whole relationship, interpretation ability, focus, attention and similarity perception. The HEYPUNGİ Educational Games section offers an interactive learning experience while at the same time allowing children to develop problem solving skills and increase their creative thinking abilities.

Download the Heypungi application that teaches while having fun and start exploring!

Games have an important place in children's learning adventures and mental development. Thanks to educational and instructive games , children can both have fun and learn. However, it should be known that the concept of game has changed today. In previous periods, when games were mentioned, activities done in groups in a street environment came to mind; It can be said that games are becoming digital nowadays. With the influence of rapidly developing digital technologies, it would not be wrong to say that games have now moved from the streets to smart devices. With the digitalization of the concept of games, audiobook applications for children have also taken their place among digital tools and started to contribute to children's education and training processes.

What is Educational and Instructional Play?

In order to give a correct answer to the question of what are educational and instructive games, the definition of these two concepts must first be well understood. These concepts, which are often used interchangeably and thought to have the same meaning, actually have different meanings. Education, which is a more general expression, means the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values and cultural norms. Teaching, on the other hand, is considered to be a more specific definition and covers the teaching of various knowledge and skills to students by the teacher.

Instructional and educational games can be defined as supporting children in terms of both education and training and presenting the information and skills they want to gain in an entertaining way. For example, an educational game developed on the axis of mathematics can enable children to learn the mathematics lesson, which is rarely liked by children, in a cheerful way. Gamification also increases the permanence of the knowledge to be gained.

How should educational games be?

Educational children's games should be pedagogically designed, have educational and instructive elements in their depth, and be loved and adopted by children. Although it is easy to design a new children's game, it is extremely difficult to make it educational and instructive without the support of experts in the field. To put it more simply, children's games should be both educational and instructive as well as entertaining.

What are the Benefits of Educational and Educational Games?

Supporting education and training through educational games for children has a number of advantages. These advantages can be generally listed as follows:

Educational games improve children's learning skills and help them acquire basic skills more easily. In addition, learning through games increases the permanence of acquired knowledge and skills. 

Learning with educational and instructive games improves children's problem solving abilities. In this way, children gain skills such as analytical thinking, resorting to strategies and dealing with crises. 

Games allow children to gain and develop social skills such as empathy, sharing and co-operation. 

Educational games give children the advantage of a higher attention span. Thanks to games, focusing improves and the problem of distraction, which is often seen in children, is eliminated. 

Educational and instructive games encourage creative thinking in children. Thanks to these games that allow the imagination to expand, children have wider horizons.

With Heypungi Educational and Training Games
Support Your Children's Development

Developments in digital technologies have brought about a great transformation in games, as in all areas of social life. Today, it is possible to say that games are mostly played in digital environments. It is a great opportunity to utilise these opportunities offered by the digital world for the education and training of children. Heypungi, which aims to support children's personal and mental development, contains many games that they will love to play and learn while playing. With the educational and instructive games in Heypungi library, you can support your children's learning processes and offer them the convenience of learning while having fun. If you are looking for an educational and educational game application, Heypungi is for you. Download it now and start using it!

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