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Activities for Children


Activities for children have an important place in their mental and social development. In Heypungi application, there are many activities carefully prepared by Child Development Specialists and Child Psychologists. These activities are grouped under the main headings of creativity, language development, technology, emotions, social skills, awareness, self-care skills and problem solving. Heypungi activities are designed to develop and support creativity, divergent thinking, interpretation, language development, social development, reasoning, cause and effect relationship, communication, empathy, analysis, emotional awareness skills in children.

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Children between the ages of 3-8 can easily acquire the knowledge and skills they want to transfer to them through educational activities. The activities, which are digitised to attract the attention of today's children, offer a unique experience for children and parents.

Heypungi Activities and Educational Aspects

Heypungi is one of the first applications that come to mind when it comes to activities for children. With Heypungi, which offers versatile gains to children with enjoyable and educational activities, children can both have fun and learn.

Supports Increasing Children's Problem Solving Skills

Children who acquire problem-solving skills at an early age can successfully overcome problems in later stages of their lives. Heypungi's activity options for children increase their ability to find solutions to different problems.

Contributes to Language Development of Children

The development of social skills in children allows them to better adapt to their environment throughout their lives. Children with insufficient social development level cannot express themselves in society. This situation also negatively affects different aspects of life. Heypungi online activities strengthen children's social aspects and develop their social skills.

Heypungi Activities for Children : Spends Quality Time with Your Children

Spending quality time with their children, having fun and contributing to their development at the same time are the main goals of every parent. Heypungi is a unique guide for parents to achieve all these goals. Thanks to the fun activities, while having fun with children, their learning and development can be ensured at the same time. In this way, parents can also control the time their children spend in front of technology. You can download Heypungi now to spend more quality time with your children and contribute to their development with fun activities.

Contributes to the Development of Social Skills of Children

Language development means that children can express themselves better. Heypungi supports children's language development and strengthens their communication skills. Since language development also brings along the development of thought, children's imagination and intellectual capacities also develop.

Raises Awareness

Heypungi activities for children prepare the ground for children to gain awareness of themselves and their environment. Individuals with high awareness can successfully shape their own lives and deal more effectively with the difficulties they face.

Contributes to the Development of Self-Care Skills of Children

Teaching self-care skills to children is one of the most difficult stages in their education process. However, self-care awareness can be instilled in children through Heypungi activities. Afterwards, children can be guided to meet their self-care needs.

Improves Children's Ability to Put Their Emotions into Words

The children's activities in Heypungi are based on the logic of children answering various questions. This strategy allows children to express themselves better verbally. In fact, there is no answer to the questions posed. The aim here is for children to verbally express their thoughts and feelings.

Contributes to the Development of Children's Creativity

Heypungi online activity options also strongly support the development of creativity in children. Creativity skills acquired and developed in this period provide great gains in later ages.

Contributes to the Use of Technology in Positive Fields

It is an undeniable fact that technology is now in every aspect of children's lives. Technological innovations, which are often associated with harm, can be extremely useful when used in the right way. Heypungi activities for children are also a good example of the correct use of technology. You can benefit from the educational aspects of technology with the Heypungi application, which can be easily downloaded to all smart devices with Android or iOS operating system.

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